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The Evans Group CEO, Jennifer Evans, has spent over 15 years leading and developing new practices within the garment industry.  Born to a family of conscientious entrepreneurs, Jennifer knew early she was destined to forge her own path in her field of choice, but couldn’t have guessed then that high fashion would be her vehicle to do so.

For four years, Jennifer worked as Director of Development for Marta Kappl Couture in San Francisco. While in that position, she sought high-quality workmanship for the designer's custom pieces. To find it, she moved to New York to lead the acquisition of couture and tailoring facilities, where she learned the unique processes of creating high-end apparel and, with a nod to her future, learned the needs of the workers in the industry.

With a deep desire to contribute her energy toward creating substantive change in people’s lives, Jennifer branched out to the non-profit sector, ultimately spending four years as Director of Development at the International Academy of Irvine, (CA). Combining her background in fashion with her learned understanding of how to address social issues through training and education, she created a social enterprise program aimed at training garment workers from mass-production factories to sew high-end clothing in small volumes, serving independent designers.  The program, originally intended as a fundraising measure for the school, was inundated almost overnight with orders. Unwittingly, Jennifer had sewn the seeds of The Evans Group.

The needs of the garment industry workers Jennifer met in New York years before informed her process, and so the tenets of the Evans Group have included, since the beginning, a circle of commerce and contribution through domestic work that includes year-round, living-wage jobs and education for employees. With these principles in mind, Jennifer set up her own independent shop in just   8’ x 40’ of space, (a standard shipping container, actually!), in Laguna Beach, California, and got to work.

Demand for TEG’s high quality, and support for its sustainable practices, grew quickly. To date they have served over 300 independent designers, both emerging and established, and created over 40 new industry jobs, paying a living wage.

February 2010 brought the launch of The Factory, an unrestricted retail space in the SoMa area of San Francisco. While functioning as a kiosk for The Evans Group's development services for Bay Area-based designers, The Factory also produces an eponymous in-house label in order to keep seamstresses working in between the high seasons of the traditional fashion world. With innovative events that engage large swaths of local fashion industry creatives, Jennifer plans to duplicate The Factory model in cities around the country.

Throughout the years, Jennifer’s faithful golden retriever and company mascot, Jack, her beloved family and friends, international travel, active lifestyle, and the frequent dinner party, have kept her at once sane and continuously inspired.



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